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Shore offers an operating system for hairdressers and shops. After restructuring, Shore is now on the verge of being profitable for the first time.

During the corona crisis Shore had some difficult decisions to make including to put employees on Kurzarbeit, or to let go of a few team members, and in April, Shore saw their first signs of profitability. “The Corona Crisis has shed light on which companies are able to rise to the challenge and are real entrepreneurs and those that have ridden the wave in the past years.” Says Rohany, CEO of Shore.

Two and a half years ago Rohany took over management from the founders and restructured the company from a sales model which saw personnel going out acquiring businesses to a sales model which is now largely digital and over the phone, customers can even register themselves over the internet. The software, is not purchased but rented and can be used to create rosters and book customer appointments with an extended version which also includes a cash register system.

So far, due to its digital transformation the restructured Shore is getting through the current uncertain times well. “When the corona crisis started, all of us were sounding the alarm bells,” says Rohany. Many smaller businesses had hardly any reserves and lived from month to month. But after a small setback in March, business quickly picked up again.”

With the easing of the rules, hairdressers’ business should pick up again. “Our customers are practically relevant to the system,” says Rohany. Many people want to get their hair cut now.

Read more about Shore and how the crisis affected their company here (DE).

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