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Bargain prices and the fight against food waste under one platform; this is a combination that appeals to many German consumers. At any rate, this is what the Swede Karl Andersson is hoping for as he launches his new online supermarket called “Motatos”. The concept: The company buys packaged goods that would not be sellable in a supermarket; “The reason may be, for example, overproduction or seasonality, as with Easter eggs, which in the week after Easter are no longer of interest — but still just as good,” Andersson WELT said. Even articles from faulty production or with packaging defects would still be marketed in this way.

The customer orders the goods on the online shop, the purchase is then delivered to their home, price savings fall between between 20 and 90 percent. Motatos has now scaled to Germany and opened an office in Berlin with a warehouse in Großbeeren, Brandenburg. The aim of the company is to eliminate inefficiencies in the food value chain.

In expanding to Germany, Andersson hopes to take the company to a new level: “Germany is one of the largest markets in the world. The population here has a similar sense of sustainability and quality as we do in Scandinavia, where we are based.”As one of Motato’s (main) investors, we are excited to follow their journey as they continue to expand to Germany.

To read more about Motato’s launch in Germany, click here(DE).

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